The Brainiac Blues
From the musical comedy Dream World

Music by Richard Link
Lyrics by Adam Sandel

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Mother always told me
To follow my heart
But she never ever warned me
Not to be so smart
When I towered above all the boys at school
She told me it would pass
But when it came to rocket science
I was number one in my class.

Dear Jason was my first love
A man above the rest
I gave him my heart and my homework
And the answers to every test
I thought we were the perfect pair
In heart and soul and mind
’Till he ran off with Tiffany Claire
A love that was dumb but not blind.

He deceived me and he bereaved me
And oh how he aggrieved me
When he left me with the brainiac blues.

With Rodney I discovered
The joy of my first kiss
He said he’d always dreamed of love
With an astrophysicist
But when it comes to romance
A fella might swear he needs her
But a Summa Cum Laude
Won’t get her in back of his astrospeeder.

’Cause he wooed me and pursued me
But oh how he unglued me
When he left me with the brainiac blues.

Then came Brik Hardstone
My natural selection
His burly strength and my intellect
Together were perfection
And although he may be strayin’
I won’t be a loser again
I know by now what men want
And it ain’t my brain.

This time I’m playin’ hardball
And Zelda’s gonna claim
His yin for my yang and his brawn for my brain
This time this girl won’t be feelin’ no pain.

’Cause he thrills me and fulfills me
And even if it kills me
He won’t leave me with the Brainiac Blues.

Step back Azura he’s not gonna leave me with the Brainiac Blues!

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Copyright © 2002-2003 Richard Link and Adam Sandel

Performed by:
Lara Bruckman, soprano
Richard Link, piano

Recorded and mixed by
David Landon, Whip Records